Track and Report School Attendance

IDAttend is computer software program specifically for tracking and reporting student attendance at schools. The system may be used at secondary as well as primary schools. IDAttend may be used to take attendance on a period by period basis or only one or two times per day. Extensive Import and Export functions are available to help keeping school administration systems up to date. SQL Server is the recommended database platform in a multi-user environment.

Web-based module for IDAttend called IDWeb NOW AVAILABLE. IDWeb will offer users attendance taking, view student details, timetables, handle detentions, plus loads more. Call us on 02 9651 6000 to find out more!

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Attendance may be taken in the following manner:

  • Teachers in the classroom where a computer and network connection is available.
  • Teachers in their office or any other networked computer later in the day.
  • Administration staff using barcoded lists marked previously by teachers.
  • Via workstations fitted with barcode/magnetic stripe scanners. Students scan their ID card. Touch screens also available.
  • With a stand alone version of IDAttend on a laptop and synchronised with the main database at a later stage.

Student Details and Timetable can be imported from CSV files generated by OneSchool, SIMS, CASES21, MAZE, OASIS, Timechart, Timetabler etc. There is also the option to import these details directly from any SQL Server or Access database. Attendance details exported to common school Administration systems. OneSchool, SIMS, CASES21, OASIS, MAZE.

Auto Import/Export functionality on a daily basis (if the administration system allows for this). The system handles Excursions, Re-assignments, Late to School, Early Leave, Sick Bay, Off Campus, Work Experience passes etc. The system includes a full range of Reports, Parent Letter Generation, SMS to parents (text messaging) and email capability as well as System, Administration and Teacher functions based on security levels set for each user.

Direct interface with MGM messageyouTM, SMSGlobal and other third party text messaging providers as required.

IDAttend can use your student photographs supplied by your school photographer and you can also associate a photograph from a digital camera or web camera with any student in the database.

Standard modules:

  • Alert module to keep teachers and staff informed of student movements
  • Detention - May be automatically or manually assigned and tracked
  • Withdrawal Room
  • Medications Given
  • Assignments/Assessments Hand In & tracking
  • Staff Sign In/Out
  • Visitors In/Out with pass printed
  • IDAttend is fully customisable to suit your school's requirements
  • Teachers may be given access to various module in the system
  • On-line help is available for all functionality within IDAttend

Optional Modules

  • Module to print student ID Cards directly from IDAttend using a special version of IDNow